Downloadable Resources

Access helpful resources that you can take with you on the go. If you need translation support, call OneSource at 1-888-765-47471-888-765-4747.

SOLIRIS Patient Vaccination Guide

Learn why, how, and when to get vaccinated when starting or while receiving SOLIRIS® (eculizumab) treatment. This guide also includes questions you may want to ask your healthcare provider, along with resources for finding the vaccines you need nearby.

Meningococcal Vaccination Card

Keep track of your meningococcal vaccines by printing this important card and sharing it with your healthcare providers.

SOLIRIS Patient Safety Card

The Patient Safety Card is about the risk of meningococcal infection. Fill out this card and carry it with you at all times. It is important to show it to any doctor or nurse who treats you. This will help them diagnose and treat you quickly.

SOLIRIS Patient Safety Brochure

Download a brochure that explains important information you need to know about SOLIRIS® (eculizumab), including guidance on how to use your Patient Safety Card.

soliris one source brochure

SOLIRIS OneSource Brochure

Discover information about OneSource patient services, including financial assistance, comprehensive vaccination support, frequently asked questions, and more to help you be better prepared for your treatment journey.

Navigating Insurance for SOLIRIS

Read this helpful guide to understanding the insurance process for getting on treatment and learn about access support options available to those who have been prescribed SOLIRIS.

Additional Resources

Find additional tools and resources that can assist you with staying on top of your condition.


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